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Beauties of Nature 2014

Beauties of Nature is an all-inclusive weekend of photography with celebrity models, food, wine and fun on an 8-acre ranch in the wildfire area of San Diego, California. Having attended a photography workshop in the Valley of Fire with Jay Bartlett and Steve Huff, I was invited back to participate in Beauties of Nature 2014 near Escondido, California. The workshop focused on two styles of photography: Commercial vs Editorial as well as elaborating the essence of High Fashion. In summary, Commercial photography can be posters, ads, promotional brochures, […] that advertise and/or endorse services or products – fashion. Typically, commercial […]

Infrared Processing

Not many people know about infrared photography, but a lot of my headline pictures have been just that. If you happen to run across something of mine where the color tones just don’t look real, then you’re probably seeing one of my processed images. In this post, I figured I would take you through the evolution of the image from the camera to what I post. Be forewarned, I am quite aware I need more practice in Photoshop to make everything jive, but this is just that, practice. I recently assisted Joe Gunawan (Fotosiamo) with a Photoshoot he did featuring […]

Havasupai Indian Reservation

We came, we saw, we conquered. If a lot can happen in a day, imagine what one can do in forty-eight hours. In our case, that involved driving 850+ miles, hiking 20+ miles, consuming 11 Military Ready-to-Eat (MRE’s) meals to visit some of the most magnificent waterfalls that Arizona has to offer. Hidden in the Grand Canyon region, lays a hidden gem, Supai Village – home of the Havasupai Indians and guardians of the falls. The fact that this place is an Indian Reservation was key for our travel. A side-effect of the government shutdown was the closure of our […]

Las Vegas – Bachelorette Party Shoot

I just recently returned from a quick turnaround in Vegas. I was referred by a friend to do a shoot for a Bachelorette Party that was having its celebration there. My friend who did the referral also flew down from San Francisco to assist and join me. I end up doing a lot of photography traveling with him due to his enthusiasm of it as a hobby. We already have future trips planned- i.e. the upcoming Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week come early September. I saw this as an opportunity to splurge a little and I acquisitioned a corner […]

Hearst Castle – Scouting

Just this past weekend, I made my way up to Hearst Castle near San Simeon, CA. My intention is to shoot an infra-red style photo shoot there. Many people are unfamiliar with the idea of Infrared photography. Most cameras have a filter covering their image sensor that accounts for Chromatic Aberration, Block UV Light and Block Infrared Light. A Full-Spectrum camera removes this filter allowing the sensor to pick up the full spectrum of color {UV, Visible Light, and Infrared}. Using cut-off filters on the front of the lens, a person can target a specific spectrum of light. In the […]


Image above is of the Golden Pagoda at Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto. Shot with Full-Spectrum Camera and 091 IR Cutoff Filter and PS with filters. With two weeks notice, I had my camera gear together, a basic ensemble of clothes, and a plane ticket ready to begin my adventures in Japan. Japan has always been the top Asian destination on my list, so when my friend asked if I wanted to join, I had to jump on it. Unfortunately, due to the short notice, I was only able to ask for a week of leave from work, whereas my friends were […]